Where flavours of the past meet the present

A gastronomic experience within honey coloured
stone walls in the heart of Mdina

Hidden away in the enchantingly narrow streets of Mdina is this characterful 500 year old restaurant. Dine beneath a vaulted stone ceiling or in the internal courtyard. Local ingredients underpin well-executed dishes which exhibit subtle modern twists. Just off Mdina’s main Cathedral Square, in one of the Silent City’s typical winding alleys, The Medina Restaurant is a jewel of an eatery, flooded with natural charm.

An original Norman residence, The Medina Restaurant is full of romanesque features, allowing for a truly unique dining ambiance. The honey-coloured stone walls with the prettiest internal courtyard and classic garden attributes instantly hark back to another era.

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Monday to Saturday
18:00hrs – 22:00hrs

Tuesday to Sunday
12:00hrs – 15:00hrs

The Arabs of the Mediterranean and beyond carried with them an array of flavour in every place they settled or conquered.

With Malta being in the crossroads of these lands, we have curated an array of flavour, ingredients and dishes over the years.


The Medina Restaurant
7, Holy Cross Street,
Mdina MDN 1231, Malta.


(+356) 2145 0587    (+356) 7949 0748

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